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Independent oversight

Conformity assessment or assurance programs are typically owned by a 'program owner', as shown below.

A critical requirement identified during the research was that LGAP needs to be impartial, credible and reputable and independent of industry and any government. The Australian livestock export industry was not considered to be the appropriate sole owner of the Program.

To achieve such impartiality, LGAP would be established as an independent not-for-profit membership organisation, limited by guarantee, as shown below. Membership would be open to, for example, industry service providers and companies, as well as those participating in the program including exporters, importers, feedlots, farms and abattoirs. The opportunity would also exist for other organisations to become members such as those involved in animal welfare or livestock production. 

In order to strengthen impartiality, two committees would oversee the key Program requirements being the Standards and Rules. An independent Standards Committee would review and maintain the LGAP Standards and a Program Integrity Committee would maintain oversight of the Program Rules as well as Certification Body and Auditor performance.